Royal Palace of CasertaLuigi Vanvitelli, Carlo Vanvitelli | 1752-1780

    Royal Palace of Caserta

    Luigi Vanvitelli, Carlo Vanvitelli | 1752-1780

  2. Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out.

    —Sylvia Plath

  3. Denial is a tumor,
    feeding on the sweet ache
    of your splintered heart

    Metastasizing through
    every thoughtyou’d
    have half a mind
    to think otherwise

    Give up, and
    we’ll purge the hurt
    To make you forget,
    all that she left behind
    and you’ll relapse, another
    wonderful time

  4. starryskywithinme:

Margaret Qualley


    Margaret Qualley

  5. A great future doesn’t require a great past.

    —William Chapman

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